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It does not have an upper or lower case, but five letters have different forms when used at the end of a word. In modern Hebrew, the frequency usage of the letter TZADI is 1.
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  • It is so clear now :)January 14, 2019MissSpellsPlus7You’re welcome! mem מ mem sofit ם, phey פ phey sofit ף, tzadik צ tzadik sofit ץ are the other letters with final forms (hope I didn’t leave any out).
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    0+ compliant Hebrew fonts was underlined for us in early 2010, after the liturgy of a popular siddur was contributed to the Open Siddur Project with a public domain declaration.

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    The "mate" of the alef, the Master of the Universe, is the tzadik, "the righteous one," upon whom the world stands, as is said: "The tzadik is the foundation of the world.

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